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Day 1 – Breath

Breath – Daily WordPress Prompt

Breath, the movement of air, in and out. So simple and essential. It’s ironic that it’s the prompt today. Just take a breath, I tell myself that a lot.

Like so many people, I stress, I let life catch me and pull me along while I all but drown.

“Stop and smell the roses.”

No, there’s no time. There aren’t enough hours in the day. Your passions will have to wait.

But if there’s no passion then what is there? What are we living for if not for our passion?

Just breathe.

My passions for music, for storytelling and for writing have been ignored for so long. I almost wonder if they are too far gone, lost beneath the years of a corporate desk and 70 hour work weeks.

Can I get them back?

The distorted reflection of the surface can’t reflect how truly far away those passions have gotten. Sometimes they seem so close but my grip falls short. Sometimes it becomes so dark I can’t see them at all.

It’s then that I wonder just how far away I’ve drifted, how far has the current pulled me?

If I can just take a breath then I can see, I can think. I can rise to the surface and anchor myself, assessing the situation.

Just one breath. That’s all it takes. One becomes two then three.


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