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Music – WordPress Daily Prompt



Music moves. A slow steady rhythm, a pulse to our world. It rises and falls with the tides, swings in and out with the winds. It pushes you. It binds you. It sets the backdrop to everyday, every moment. Even a second can be described in perfect harmony. Whether you run to it, love to it, think to it or just listen to it. It seeps through your pores infusing itself until it becomes you; the very breath that keeps you alive.

It’s the essence, the steady pulse of a city street or the slow breeze of a beach. The emotions that you hold on to, hoping to squash before they become too much; it grabs those and whips them around like a dog with a toy. It tempts you, pushing you to places you never thought you’d be. It races through your body, a rising, until you’re soaring.

Just when you thought you couldn’t take another second, another chord, another note. It releases you, washing you clean. It embraces you, bringing you back down.

It’s anger and violence. It’s loving and gentle. It’s loud and raucous. It’s slow and sensual.

It’s every second of every day. A rhythmic movement to the world around you.


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