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The Truck

Abandoned – WordPress Daily Prompt


“Have you been abandoned?” The reality of it all drops on me like a ton of bricks. Have I been abandoned? No, I’m here of my own volition. 

He moves closer with every breath, his eyes running the length of my body, undressing me. Every fiber of my being wants to scream but I’m overwhelmed by his thick cologne. “You can stay here.” He leans in, no doubt wanting a kiss but I reel back. No. Nope. No sir. 

Shock, disappointment … “Did you slip?” Something like that.  “Are you ok?”

Without another word I turn and run.

My pride carries me back to the rusty red pick up on the corner. I even hold the tears back until I’m ducked down in the passenger seat.

Have you been abandoned?

This truck contains all of my possessions. What’s left of them anyway. A bag of clothes, a toothbrush, a hairbrush … There’s not much else. The doors creak in the wind as cars rush by. For a moment I try to consider the gravity of the situation but the gray fabric slouching above me pulls my mind elsewhere.

What a piece of shit. Him and the truck.

Have you been abandoned?

The words echo. My gut knows the truth but my mind isn’t ready to consider that. None the less, the words leak to the forefront. I could go home. 

I shake it away. Even if I wanted to I don’t have a phone to call them.

No, this stupid old truck is home now. This stupid old truck that was driven around by that stupid prick of a boyfriend.

Have I been abandoned? 

The smell of cheap cologne haunts me. I had almost given in for a hot meal.



A fresh bout of tears rocks my body. The force surprises me. Huge tears pour down my cheeks. Each one a fresh reminder of those words.


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