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The Light

Another installment from my random file titled classic writings:

The darkness creeps in, breathing a heavy sigh, enveloping you in its heavy presence. A bright blast fires it away, sending it running back to the corners. It’s under that bright light that you begin to melt as it burns holes in your already fragile soul. It cuts through you like a sharpened sword, smooth and quick. It leaves you in pieces.

The brightness is blinding, ensuring you never see who really cares. Who stands on the outside laughing? Or crying?

It’s in those moments, as the light cuts you down, that you know. As you melt you feel, finally. Your shielded eyes can finally see what you’ve been missing all along. Those faces that swirl beyond the light, those emotions you can no longer recognize.

As quick as it came, it’s gone, and you’re alone again. Solid and scared, broken and bare. There you sit, as the darkness creeps in, feeling alone, but never so alone as when the light is on.


Letters from inside my head

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