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Meeting – False

WordPress Daily Prompt – False

I remember meeting him. It was just after midnight when the tapping started on my door. I tossed and turned, struggling to shake the noise. The tapping grew louder. It echoed through my bones. Still I tossed and turned, struggling to shake the vibrations. Then the voice, the soft low hiss, “let me in.”

I shot up into the darkness with a ball of fear sinking into my gut. The rapping grew louder, the hiss grew softer, sinister, “let me in.” It wasn’t a question or a request. The fear, a pulsing rolling ball, settled low in my stomach. Then the scratching, like a cold dog, feverish, “let me in.”

The light outside burned bright as the rapping and scratching filled my head. I struggled to shield my ears from the noise now bouncing off the walls, “let me in.” I jerked this way and that as warm tears threaded down my cheeks. Then the cold breath, like an arctic wind ¬†scraping your cheeks, “let me in.”

The cold fills my chest as I finally do as he requests. The warm tears carve paths down my face. “There. There. You let me in.”

I remember meeting him.


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