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Just Trust Me

Daily WordPress Prompt – Trust

**A little warning ahead of time, there’s some language and f bombs**

The old woman watched Gale with muted interest as she padded along the creaky trailer floor. Although it was Shonda who wanted the fortune teller’s advice, it was Gale she felt needed it.

There was something about the girl, perhaps it was in her choppy red hair or plain looks. As the woman took Shonda’s hands in her own her eyes never left Gale. Perhaps it was more in the way she stood, uncertain and shy; yet there was something else.

“I don’t see anything for you.” The old fortune teller said abruptly as she pushed Shonda’s hands away. “But you …” A crooked finger pointed towards Gale. Gale stiffened at the unwanted attention and shook her head. “Yes.” The woman grabbed Gale’s hands and began turning them in her own. “Let’s see …” Her murmurs grew low and deep.

Gale glanced over the woman’s head towards Shonda who stood with hands on her hips and brewing anger on her face.

“Listen here lady!” Shonda erupted. “I’m the one paying you! I want my fortune you old hag!” The fortune teller took no notice of Shonda, her eyes were closed and her murmurs seemed to be in a completely different language. Shonda moved closer to the woman, clenching her fists over and over. “Hey lady! What the hell!” Her dark eyes met Gale’s. “What the hell ever, let’s go.” Shonda pulled her five dollars back from the jar at the door and began leading the way.

“Shon … she won’t let me go.” Gale tried to tug her hands away but the old woman’s grip only tightened. “Shonda. For real. Help.”

“Jesus.” Shonda rolled her eyes and stomped towards the woman. She grabbed her arm and began pulling. “Holy shit.” The woman’s grip only tightened.

“Fuck! She’s hurting me!” The woman’s unkept nails had begun digging into Gale’s pale arms.

“Hey bitch! Let her go!” Shonda pulled at the woman’s arm again, this time throwing all of her weight into pulling her back. Suddenly the fortune teller released Gale’s arms and spun directly into Shonda knocking her to the ground.

“Yes.” The old woman repeated over and over as she rifled through glasses and half full mason jars scatter around the trailer.

“What the fuck! Who the hell do you think you are woman!” Shonda pulled herself back to her feet and rubbed the back of her elbows. “Gale, I don’t know what this woman’s about but we need to go. Screw this.”

The woman emptied spoonfuls from random mason jars into a glass. “You live in your dreams. I see it now, a whole world made just for you.” The woman’s crisp blue eyes met Gale’s. “I see that you wonder, I see how you wander child. There is something I can do for you.” She stirred a strangely sweet smelling concoction with a small wooden spoon. “I can make all of your dreams come true.”

Gale watched the woman cross the room towards her with the drink in hand. As she passed it under Gale’s nose the sickly sweet aroma overwhelmed her senses. “Do you trust me chld?” The sharp blue eyes fixated on Gale. “Just take a few sips and everything you’ve ever wanted, everything you can dream, it will be yours.”

Beside her Shonda huffed impatiently. “Gale, don’t drink that shit.” Gale wanted to turn and leave but the old woman’s eyes seemed to have a hold over her. The sweet aroma seemed to surround her, lulling her into daydreams of childhood carnivals and better times.

The fortune teller pressed the cool glass to Gale’s lips, “Just a few sips child. That’s all it takes.” The liquid filled her mouth with a honey like sweetness that beckoned her to drink more. “Now, now, not too much.” Gale gulped down the sweet juice before taking the cup in her hand and taking another gulp.

“That’s enough! This is fucking insane!” Shonda ripped the glass from Gale’s hand. “What are you doing? Drinking shit this crazy old woman made?” Shonda turned to face the fortune teller. “We’re outta here and I’m keeping my five bucks you nut cake.” Shonda pushed Gale through the small trailer entry and down the wooden steps. “What the actual hell Gale? You can’t just go around drinking shit people give you. Smarten the fuck up. I swear to God, if you’re dead tomorrow morning ….” A cold breeze kicked up and sent leaves falling from the trees. “Wow, what’s up with the weather lately? It was hot as hell earlier now it’s so nice.”

Gale smiled dreamily, “Yeah, fall has always been my favorite season.”


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