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Replace Me

WordPress Daily Prompt – Replacement

I run my broken nails through dull brown hair. I trace the freckles that my daughter shares. My nose is too small, my eyes are too big.

No wonder he replaced me.

He never understood why crowds made me uncomfortable. Or why I shed my tears alone on the bathroom floor. “You’re just so fucking hormonal.”

No wonder he replaced me.

It blindsided him when I pushed him back. He didn’t appreciate my newfound strength. He hated that I understood the intricacies of his wandering behavior and that I played on them to discover.

No wonder he replaced me.

He hated that I knew I was worth more while he played it off as “she can’t handle normal”.

No wonder he replaced me.

To the new girl, the young girl, the one with the naive hope. I offer my advice, please replace him.


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