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In Every Life

WordPress Daily Prompt – Prudent

“It’s all fake.” He whispers in my ear. “All of this, the memories, the feelings … none of it’s real.”

His scent pulls me closer, aftershave and tobacco, as he runs his fingers through my hair.

“Just come with me and I’ll show you. I’ll take you back to where it all began. A second chance, isn’t that what you wanted?”

His hazel eyes scan mine, the dark waves of his hair brush my cheeks.

“Think about the future you could have. We. Think about the future we could’ve had.” He rests his forehead against mine, his eyelashes are gentle against my skin.

“I loved you then. I love you now. And in every life I’ll love you again.” His voice, thick with desire, fills my mind.

“Just think about it. Think about you and me.” His laugh echoes through the darkness. “Think about the kids. Oh, they’ll be great.”

The grip around my waist loosens as the darkness shrouds him.

The scream catches in my throat. I know I can’t stop what we’ve already done.

“In every life, remember that. I’ll love you again.”


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