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WordPress Daily Prompt – Knackered

“Well son, you done knackered your options.” Sheam, a giant man with one glowing eye crashed onto the bench with a loud clang. Instinctively he reached towards a massive knee and rubbed it gently. “I need some oil son, pass it over.”

“Knackered? What the hell does that even mean?” As Yanas passed the spray can into Sheam’s hand he noticed how it instantly went from a normal size item to something that more resembled a fun size toy. Sheam’s metal fingers gripped the can gently so as not to dent it.

“Wouldn’t want them puttin’ more oil on my books than I a’ready have.” He mumbled.

Yanas was still warming to the idea of Sheam as a cellmate. He didn’t know anyone that willingly wanted the extra large cyborg in their quarters. There were whispers of his ‘episodes’. That half breed robot could kill a man with a wrong swipe when he was human so what’d they do? Rearranged his brain! Now he’ll kill a man just for lookin’ wrong.

Sheam smeared the oil over his joints and tossed the now empty can towards the cell door. “It means …” He pushed his one flesh hand through greying hair. “It means tired out. Ya know, knackered, exhausted.” The half man laughed loudly. “Ya know, I never thought I’d say I was knackered. Not after they did this to me. But ya know …” Sheam’s one good eye focused intently on Yanas. “I’m fuckin knackered.”

I totally had to look up what knackered meant. 


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