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That Maze Called Life

WordPress Daily Prompt – Maze

Life’s kind of crazy isn’t it? Around every turn you can never be sure exactly what you’ll find. The love of your life? A new demon to battle? A success? A failure?

Who knows!

Will you wander through it alone? Do other people’s mazes look like yours? Are we all wandering through our own personal traps?

How often do you know which way you should go but you turn the other way? You do it out of a fear of the unknown. Perhaps you fear the success of finding your way so you constantly turn away from the path that will lead to you success. Maybe you are terrified of being what you always knew yourself to be, whether it be good or bad.

Maybe the crippling fear of embracing our own mortality keeps us from ever fully embracing the little moments of joy while travelling the maze. We’re so afraid we don’t bother to look around. Instead we fixate on the ultimate prize, never truly considering if there’s really a prize at the end of the maze or not.

Perhaps the prize is the journey itself. Allowing ourselves to get lost in the maze and discover who we are and what we want could be the greatest part.

It could be terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. It could be the greatest success we’ve ever imagined and the hardest loss we’ve ever had to bear.

No one truly knows what lies beyond the maze and the dead ends, the failures, the mistakes are all just as worthy as the successes, the open paths and the perfect decisions. We have to embrace life and enjoy the journey.



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