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Look Crisp

WordPress Daily Prompt – Crisp

My father always said that if you wanted to be taken seriously you had to look crisp. I took that advice to heart and, as I grew, accumulated quite the wardrobe. I gave each hanger a small push as I passed over them.

“Not you. Not you. No.” My fingers paused, poised for the push over a perfectly pressed white button down. Simple, clean … crisp, “You.” I plucked it from the hanger and tossed it around my shoulders. The smooth tortoise shell buttons passed between my fingers easily. “Perfect.”

Now a tie. A tie makes the man, another of my father’s pearls of wisdom. “Hmm.” My eyes scanned each tie carefully. This one had to be perfectly suited. Silk? “Maybe not.” Simple linen? I tapped my fingers against my chin. “I don’t know.” Perhaps a bow tie? “No, far too formal. Maybe for the funeral.”

My eyes landed on a simple blue linen tie. I passed it between my fingers feeling the soft fabric. “Where did you come from beauty?” Pausing in front of the mirror I held the blue tie to my white button down. “Oh, that’s very nice.” Without a second thought I draped it around my neck lightly.

“Hm.” I took in my reflection. “Pants will be necessary.” There was no pause in my search for the perfect trousers, I already knew which pair would be fit for the job. A simple black cotton pair that I returned to often. I tucked in the white button down carefully. I needed to look completely put together. “Crisp.” I laughed quietly, my father had been such a strange man.

My smile faded as I caught a glimpse of my thin figure in the mirror. “This hair will never do.” I had always been a fan of a simple combed back style. The right gel to hold it in place was also essential. With all the jerking movements I was bound to execute I needed my hair to remain firmly in place.

I finished off my crisp look with just the right pair of loafers. ‘Not too formal this time.” I let my gaze linger in the full length mirror as I straightened the tie. “Perfect. Now let’s go kill a man.” I paused for a moment allowing the words to sink in. “That’s quite sexist. It could be a woman too.”


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