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Bad Decisions

WordPress Daily Prompt – Tether

From the end of the bar she could feel his eyes on her. His tight clothes left little to the imagination and the way the veins in his neck bulged as he gulped shots of whiskey made him look like a bad decision. He looked like the type of guy that would tie you to the bed and ride you raw on the first date.

Luckily a bad decision was exactly what Janice, divorced mother of two, needed.

He’d been watching her since she wandered in with a little too short dress, smudged make up and crooked glasses. Exactly which wrong turn had led her to the bottom of the barrel on this particular night didn’t really interest him, but being able to see under the cotton floral dress did.

It was a shame really, if she lost the glasses and took better care of her hair and make up she would be hotter than 99% of the hoes that hung out in this particular bar. He didn’t bother acting surprised when she slid into the chair beside him and introduced herself with a shy smile.

“I’m Janice.”

“Mike.” Janice slid a small hand over his thigh. The move sent a shock wave down his back.

“I’m not gonna lie, I’m only here for one reason. You wanna get out of here Mike?”

Once they were in Mike’s small dark loft the bravery that had possessed Janice at the bar seemed to melt away.

“So, do you have family?” Mike dismissed the question with a flick of his hand. “No? Kids?” Mike cracked open a new bottle of tequila. “I have two.” Janice offered.

“Why don’t you just let me see under that dress baby?” His rough hands slid along her hips bringing the skirt up around her waist to reveal a small lace thong. He couldn’t help but laugh. “You really came there for only one reason huh?”

Janice pushed the skirt back down and pushed Mike away gently. “If you don’t like it …”

“Oh no, no. Look calm down, don’t worry. I’ve done this lots. I’ll take care of you baby.” Janice couldn’t hide the smirk on her face as she let his hands slide under her dress again.

“Do you have a condom?”

“We don’t need one baby, I’m clean.” Janice pulled away again. “Fuck, ok, fine, I think I have one.” Mike groaned as he disappeared into a small dirty bathroom.

The loft didn’t look like Mike had many visitors. There were liquor bottles scattered around a small TV and table in the kitchenette. A smell like death was emanating from the fridge and she was willing to bet the counters had never even heard of Lysol. The walls were bare except the stains of years of cigarette smoke.

Mike reemerged from the hovel of a bathroom clutching an obviously expired condom in victory.

“There’s one more thing …” Janice started shyly as Mike lifted the dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“Oh baby.” He ran his hands along her soft curves. “Anything.”

“Well, I kinda have a fantasy … Do you have any handcuffs?” Mike couldn’t believe his luck. “Or rope?”

“I think I have something. You wanna be tied up baby?” Mike pulled opened a shallow closet by the front door and begin digging through masses of junk. “That’s hot as fuck.”

“Well, not exactly … I wanna tie you up.” Mike faltered as he pulled a piece of rope from the closet. “I mean, if you’re not into it I can go, I just thought … you know, it’s a fantasy.”

Mike watched the woman who was now in nothing but a lace thong in the middle of his loft. Luck was shining on him tonight, did he really want to ruin it over some stupid fantasy? “Ok, how good of knot could you tie anyway?”

Janice’s face lit up. “Exactly! You’ll probably break right out of it.”

Janice licked her lips and watched in anticipation as Mike pulled off his shirt and jeans. “Leave the boxers for now.” She bit her full bottom lip. “I’ll take care of those in a minute.”

She pushed him onto the lumpy mattress and lined his wrists up to the bed posts. “Ready?” The apprehensiveness had completely disappeared and been replaced with a giggling school girl.

“Go for it baby, I can’t wait to destroy your pussy.” He hissed in her ear. Janice looped the rope around each wrist and began tying meticulously. Her perfect rack distracted Mike as the ropes were pulled tighter.

Janice ran her fingers over Mikes chest as she pulled away. “How’s that?”

“Holy shit.” He jerked at the ropes, gently at first then more violently. “Jesus, where’d you learn to tie a knot like that?” The sweet half naked woman straddling him giggled and shrugged. As her hands began to travel lower they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Oh, let me get that.” Janice hopped off the bed and crossed the small loft.

“What? No. There should be anyone at the door.” Behind her the bed posts banged against the wall violently. “Untie me!”

“Hi guys!” Janice led two men and another woman through the loft.

“What the fuck is this shit?” Mike squirmed on the bed in an attempt to pull his wrists away from the posts.

“Tell us about the guy.” One of the men finally spoke up. Janice nodded.

“Lots of alcohol. No family. Sleazy. May or may not have every STD.”

“Hey!” Mike objected.

“But he works out and seems healthy otherwise.” The man nodded at Janice’s overview.

“Good job, get dressed and watch the door although I don’t think we have anything to worry about in this shit hole. Dr. Bentley will grab the tools and Dr. Davis will grab the cooler.” The man turned his attention to Mark with a sincere smile. “Relax, you’re going to save lives. You won’t live to see it but that’s the price a hero pays.”


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