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Savage Truths

WordPress Daily Prompt – Savage

Can I be honest?
You stripped me raw,
Bored straight through,
One glance,
Less than a minute I’m sure,
And you flipped everything
I thought I knew.
I always believed,
But thought that shit wasn’t for me.
Then right in front of me,
You were all I could see.
I was never a singer,
Never could carry a tune,
But something tells me
You could carry it well enough for two.
My heart is open, bleeding it may be,
You pushed right through,
Past the show and into my soul.
But this isn’t a movie,
I couldn’t let you sweep me off my feet.
The real world marched on,
In spite of us
And we had to follow suit.
The mark was made and still it beats,
But I may never know,
Did your world shake too?
Was it just me?



Letters from inside my head

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