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I’ll Never Tell You

WordPress Daily Prompt – Memorize

I know I shouldn’t peek,

It’s taboo right?

To look when your lips are locked with another;

And our lips are definitely locked,

Tongues intertwined,

As your hands travel up and down my sides.

They slip beneath my shirt,

Then slide just inside my jeans.

You push me into the wall,

And tangle them in my hair.

But I want to memorize your eyes,

And the gentle curve of your lashes.

I want to remember your hair,

And the way it tickles my cheeks.

I need to remember your breath,

Moving with mine.

I want to memorize this moment,

The way we acted with reckless abandon.

I want to remember the way you hold me,

With your head resting against mine.

I need to memorize your voice,

Softly whispering in my ear.

Because I’ll never tell you,

That I’m terrified of losing it all,

And waking up to find,

That the memory is all I have,

And everything else has been left behind.


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