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WordPress Daily Prompt – Anticipate

I’ve been pretty well trained,
By that I mean …
I can tell when you’re putting the groceries down hard.
When the doors are slammed with just that extra touch of force,
That stops me in my tracks and sends my mind racing.
What did I do today?
What did I say?
The training started young around here.
From the time I could walk,
The guilt was there learning to slither and stalk.
But you see,
It’s hard to explain to strangers,
Not that I ever really had a chance.
We were the perfect family in the public eye.
Those groceries were always neatly stacked away.
Until we were behind closed doors again,
To find them scattered all over the floor.
Damn, you’re setting those down hard.
Wait …
What did I do today?
What did I say?


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