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What if

WordPress Daily Prompt – Peculiar

“What if our entire world was different?” He watched me from the corner of his eye as the journey into the world of ‘what if’s’ began. “What if we lived in trees to stay away from giant man eating bugs on the ground? What if dinosaurs were still around and we had to have special barriers to keep them away? Or zoos? Dinosaur zoos!”

I stare off into the clouds day dreaming of dinosaur zoos and Gulliver’s travels style treehouse’s.

“What if we’re just some giant science experiment and there’s like a ton of experiments just like us but just a little different. Maybe one where they have dinosaur zoos and one like the Jetsons and one like the Flintstones and one like the Animaniacs and …”

“That’s interesting and everything but you can’t live in what if scenarios.”



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