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When I Drink …

WordPress Daily Prompt – Flavorful

My very flavorful wine inspired this rough 1st draft.

When I drink,
The demons come out to play.
I don’t know if you’ve ever had to roll with demons,
But let me just say,
They play in a little bit of a rough way.
They grab your mind with spiny hands,
And rip into your brain,
Tearing it and repairing it,
With spindly threads.
They shove their hands,
Deep into your soul,
Grabbing the layers,
And chunks,
Rearranging all the things,
You thought you knew,
All the truths,
No longer make sense,
You can’t tell if you’re remembering,
Or just making up stories as you go.
They tie your laces together,
And giggle as you trip through the door.
God knows they definitely don’t mind,
If you wanna take a drive.
They’ll GPS you to the nearest cliff,
Thelma and Louise style,
And shriek in glee the whole time.
You can try and lock yourself away,
Drink in peace,
But they can smell the alcohol.
Like bloodhounds,
They’ll sniff you out,
And set to teasing.


Letters from inside my head

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