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WordPress Daily Prompt – Recreate

I haven’t dug into my “classic writings” file in a while. Here’s one that kind of fits the prompt for the day. I don’t remember when I wrote this, for an idea of how old it is, I remember that it started as a myspace journal thing *woah*

Sometimes I get goosebumps and something sets me on edge. Something throws me into a daydream, a vivid moving picture that flashes through my mind time and time again. A thought, a vision, almost as if it were from a life already lived and I find myself scribbling page after page trying to capture this one vision, this one moment where I’m pushed into another time. Other times the image comes and goes, a flash of lightening that leaves only a frightened impression. What could have been. A shadow on the wall when you know you’re alone, then it’s gone, but it’s enough.

I’m trapped in a daydream now. Entangled. Involved. Yet it’s slipping away because I can not put it into words. The vision stays there, perfectly preserved, dead and frozen, yet I can’t describe what I see. I can’t say what I feel.

Everything is a diary into your mind, and this an entry better left untouched.


Letters from inside my head

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