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Wrong Direction

Do you remember the days
When we’d hang off the bed?
Upside down, until the blood
Rushed to our heads?
We’d watch the world,
Through pulsing red tinted glasses.
Everything looked so different
When you were watching it
From the wrong direction.

When we’d hide from everyone,
Lost in our own private conversations?
We were always worlds apart,
Yet somehow, we ended up in each other’s arms.
Do you remember all my secrets?
Like the ones we whispered in the dark,
So not even the creeping wind could hear?
Do you carry them gently in your heart?
Do you crush them in the palm of your hand?

I saw you yesterday;
Hands in your pockets,
Watching the ground,
Guarding your bleeding heart
And speaking softly to my soul.
I started to ask you,
But you were heading off.
I couldn’t help but feel
It was the wrong direction.

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