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Ode to Black

I couldn’t resist, this is my calling. The whole reason I started writing has lead to this point. Also, Nine Inch Nails is more Industrial lite, I’m aware. I could link Skinny Puppy or Ministry but I don’t want to scare any of my followers away.

WordPress Daily Prompt – Black

“Head like a hole. Black as your soul …”

I like the color black.
I wear it frequently.
All my dresses are black,
Except for that one red one.
My shoes too,
Except that pair of brown boots
Or those dark blue ones.
When I was in high school,
I wore black eye make up
But I didn’t hang out with the goth kids.
The real depressed girl
Who actually listened to industrial
And not Marilyn Manson
Was too goth for them.
I like my coffee black,
With just a little bit of cream.
I like my rebels black
With their motorcycle screams.
I like my nails
About nine inches long
And now you have
To start at the beginning of the song.


Also, The Perfectly Imperfect Bunch has posts waiting for you!


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