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Box Of Treasure

WordPress Daily Prompt – Patina

I’ve got a box,
A small copper thing covered with aged patina
That clings and clangs like demon fangs
As I drag it on rusty chains.
I’ve got a penchant
For slimy pulsing treasures;
Stuff my little box to the brim.
Each with a price,
Each a pulsating reminder.
For each treasure I find
I leave a piece of myself behind.
Always leaving the other for the better,
While I limp away with my beating box of treasure.
There’s only one I truly desire;
The one I traded for my foolish dreams.
I’d gladly give every bloody gem
In my pounding box of treasure,
If you’d only give me the one I need to survive.
I’m afraid I no longer have the price to pay
For hauling this bleeding box of treasure.

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