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I Never Needed Saving

I’m not one to need saving,
I’d gladly send you on your way,
Ride into the sunset with your noble steed.
I can scale these walls on my own.

I never needed to be saved,
But these tower walls have grown long and tall
A widening dead space between safety and I.
I can’t scale these walls, slick with time.

I’m not one to need saving
But every step I take I feel myself breaking.
Stuck in this tower of faded time,
Watching the sunset over the ocean I’ll never touch.

I’ve never needed saving,
But would you come back if I called?
Turn your ships back towards my tower
And help me scale these walls slick with time?

I’ve never wanted to be saved,
But I hope we can find forgiveness,
To break these tower walls down for good.
Maybe I can touch the ocean after all.


Letters from inside my head

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