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5&6/365 – Slacka

Not only did I skip yesterday, day 5 for those keeping up, but today you don’t even get a recent image! But I’ll share 2 to make up for being a slacka only a few days in.

I have a major case of wanderlust and I haven’t gotten to satisfy it nearly enough lately. What about you guys?

These are busts in the museum on Delos, a Greek island and world heritage site. Taken with my Canon T2i and … probably just the standard lens.


And this is a gondola in the canal in Venice, Italy. Also taken with my Canon.



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5 thoughts on “5&6/365 – Slacka

  1. Wanderlust? Is that what they call it?
    the bit of life where you look out the window and see where the light shines differently, where people speak a language with a lilt you’ve never heard before, where there are birds and animals so different, so unique, that it shocks your core – that’s not wanderlust, that’s a writer’s mind, going down all the paths and byways, lanes and pathways, watching, listening, observing the world. Writing, even if they have to absorb all this other stuff to enable to the flow of words needed to describe what it is they see, feel, experience … wanderlust. No. Necessity.Curiosity. Interest. Pique.

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