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Friday Fiction

When I was a little girl I pressed my nose against the glass of my dad’s old Volkswagen as we passed under bridges in the city. I puffed great smokey blasts of fog to draw little hearts and “hellos” in as the sleeping men tossed in their bags.

“Dad, why don’t we help them?”
“They have to help themselves first.”

There was a woman beneath the bridge today snapping pictures of our homeless communities. Preserving our tents and bags in rough black and white photos for exhibit.

“Don’t you want to help yourself?”

I hear they feed you in jail.


And Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

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13 thoughts on “Friday Fiction

  1. I liked the little hearts and could see them being made – and other little details really stand out –
    and I am mixed about the whole “They have to help themselves first.”- it fits here – but I do wonder about this in general – ya know?

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    1. I agree, I wrote it here because it fit the character in my mind. In reality though *hold on tight, I’m in grad school for economics/public policy and write about this type of stuff a lot* the homelessness situation where I live is upsetting. I’m in the U.S. and there’s so much we could do that could help. Our public policies need an overhaul but politics (much like in many places I’m sure) gets in the way. I do believe, in general, people have to want to be helped but that’s not the same thing as helping themselves. The reality of poverty and homelessness is that it’s a cycle and when you live somewhere with a great income disparity then it’s extremely hard (it’s hard enough anyway) to break that cycle. Not to mention that many people who find themselves on the streets often suffer from mental or other medical conditions which only further complicates and prevents moving on from that situation.

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      1. very good points and so interesting to read. I am learning more and more about the income disparity correlation and how that also impacts middle class folks too – sad that so many cannot buy a house these days even with two incomes.
        best wishes in grad school – and look forward to reading some of your other entries in future FF


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