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Maybe if he …


I wish I could write about your love.
I wish I could tell the story of how we fucked it up.
I wish you believed in second chances
The way I believe fate
Believes in us.
I don’t guess you do.
I guess that’s fair.
So I scribble our story in the sand.
I watch the waves wash it away
But they never take it
Far enough to rip it from my soul.
Maybe it’s good.
Maybe it’ll make for a damn fine death
When the water finally
Rips it away
And we realize we were meant
As more than “maybe if he” and “maybe if she”.
Maybe that’s the talisman,
The good in failed meant to be.
So we carry it,
Like we carry one another,
A secret too good to be true,
Too bad to relive,
Too sad to see those two …
Always losing themselves
In each others eyes.
Maybe that’s the talisman,
The good in failed meant to be.



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6 thoughts on “Maybe if he …

  1. That’s quite a subtle and thoughtful poem. I like how you use word repetition almost in the way another poet would use rhyme. I’m now left pondering “that’s the talisman, The good in failed meant to be.”

    1. Thank you! I’m, honestly, not the best with rhymes but when I write I tend to have a sort of spoken word rhythm in my head. That’s where word repetition comes into play on some of it.

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