What Pegman Saw – Two Lovers

Mdina’s the silent city. Secrets it keeps, formed in corners and alleyways, hidden beneath the streets.

Pegman wanted to see the catacombs I’m sure, the little guy likes hanging out with dusty memories.

He rounded the corner and what did he find?

Two lovers under cover of shadows.

It was clear, he says, they knew one another though obvious enough they weren’t meant to be pinned against that cathedral wall together.

From what he could gather, the little dude could be a spy, it was her honeymoon but not with that guy.

He was some fly by the seat guitar playin’ hippie you see and she was daddy’s little princess, betrothed to a man of his “heavy influencing”.

She visits the old city in the summers now with a child named Paul. They journey the streets and she talks of memories.

But there’s one she won’t say, out loud anyway.


Word Count: 150

This was written for the What Pegman Saw challenge, every week a location is picked and a story is written in 150 words or less. Rules here and this weeks location, Mdina Malta.

12 responses to “What Pegman Saw – Two Lovers”

  1. This is great, I love the voice and all the sneaky, twisting turns of phrase.

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  2. Beautiful story. I really like the rhythm.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate that someone else “hears” the rhythm, I don’t usually think it translates.


  3. I like both the rhythm and the internal rhymes/consonances. Even more I like the subtlety of your world view. It’s a sad story, sure, but daddy’s little princess isn’t heartbroken; she accepts the world as it is. She has a sort of courage that enables her to name her child Paul, indicating very clearly that he was conceived in Mdina – of course, it was her honeymoon, but you give us the impression that she knows perfectly well that the child is not her husband’s…
    I think the story is excellent, written with a beautiful obliqueness.

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  4. This story flows so well, and is so interesting. Well done, Kelly, and welcome to Pegman.

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate it

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      1. Just seen on my phone that my Spellchecker dropped the second e from your name. Sorry about that, Kelley.

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      2. It’s alright, I’ve come to accept that it will usually get spelled without the extra e, occasionally someone will get creative and throw in an I or an extra y.

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  5. This is wonderful indeed, Kelley. Secret love locked in her memories…

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