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For Your Eyes Only …

I fret over what you’ll see
If you look too closely.
I fear you may find
I’m just a monster in disguise.
One foot in reality
The other always wandering.
Forever split in two
By these worlds in my mind.
But if you promise,
We can seal it with a kiss,
I’ll keep your truth hidden
From prying eyes.
Because I see inside,
You’re a monster just like I am.


The prompt spurred something else but it fits with a different project I’m working on so I’m keeping it to myself for now.

Also, Jimi Hendrix Both Sides of the Sky … is just grand. 

Oh, and it’s my 2 year anniversary of starting this blog apparently! I didn’t post much my first year but to celebrate (of sorts) here’s my more popular post of 2016 (with a whopping 20 views). 

Filthy Love

You’re dirty,
Unkept hair and grungy hands.
You’re filthy,
As your cigarette dangles

The smoke wafts, slow and pungent
Your filthy smile, your stormy eyes.

Watching me
Watch you.

Wringing your filthy hands,
How I long for them

You’re dirty
Slow burn and fading ash.
You’re filthy
As you pull me close.

The smoke conceals, thick and dark
Your filthy words, your gentle lips

Seducing me
Seduce you.

Sliding your filthy hands,
How I long for them

You’re dirty
So filthy,

As you pull me
To my knees.

As I pull you
Into me.


Letters from inside my head

16 thoughts on “For Your Eyes Only …

      1. And you yell a lot! 😀 I’m just messing about. I didn’t want to see a typo in your good text word box thing. I don’t do good words too. (feel free to delete all this nonsense, if you want)

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