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C’Mon Baby, Put Your Records On

It’s record store day so I’m going to talk about my other love, music! Yay!

But instead of talk about it ….

Here’s some music …

Enjoy (or don’t, either way I still love you guys).

Note: This is all over, I’ve just been pasting links as I’ve been working on school stuff over the past few days. Proceed with caution, I did not arrange this for your ears to have gradual transitions

Another note, I originally did this with Spotify but then realized it would only play a few seconds of each song if you didn’t open the Spotify app so that’s why it’s all videos, sorry if it loads slowly

Note for Jimi down here, there’s a song out there called Cherokee Mist, it’s included in the recordings on Both Sides of the Sky which was released recently. I really wanted to include that song but can’t find it so we’re going to settle with Voodoo Chile/Child (I kept the Spotify link for Cherokee Mist if you have the app or want to hear like 25 seconds of it).



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