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Good For Nothing

This is a piece of Sia’s story (who I just realized isn’t actually named in this snippet, she’s the narrator) who we first met in The Last Twinkies … I’m working on making her story into something longer and this is another piece of it featuring today’s prompt (this is still the rough draft so it’s still rough).

“Nooooooo!” A shrill alien like noise surrounds us followed by the sound a tree must make when it falls in a forest. 

Suddenly my hands are free. I’m no longer shoved against the tree but resting there in tears. Kate appears beside me, a branch half as big as her hoisted above her head. 

“You. Good. For. Nothing. Piece. Of. Shit.” Each word accented by a thud as she brings the branch crashing into John’s limp body. “I. Fucking. Hate. You.” 

Smash. Thud. Squash.

Blood splatters onto her tan skin and blue top. It spurts onto my jeans and shirt. The warmth sprinkles onto my cheeks as she continues her tantrum with each smashing of John’s certainly decimated body.

I’m frozen against the tree again, this time by my own fear. Kate’s eyes are black with rage. To where she’s gone I don’t know but I’m not sure she recognizes the world around her. 



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