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Friday Fictioneers – At Last

Fat raindrops rolled down the window pane accompanied by the ever present haze of city living. Ghosts of years gone by stood silently silhouetted against a dark, starless sky.

Lights from the spire sprinkled to life in a dazzling glaze. A gasp caught in her throat. The sign she had been waiting for.

Her Prince Charming casting a wide arching call for her to come.

At last.

She shoved the suitcase closed around three stuffed animals and a bag of Cheetos.

Fading photos, her momentos of a life forgotten, would have to stay behind.

The nurses quietly blocked her door.

nyc-jill-wisoffPHOTO PROMPT ©Jill Wisoff


A special thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for wrangling in Friday Fictioneers.

I did a few of these then stopped for several weeks due to my work load (at my actual job and my grad school work). Luckily I’ve found myself with a slight bit of breathing room … or the possibility of killing men just watch them die if I didn’t get a chance to space out soon … So here I am.


Letters from inside my head

21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – At Last

  1. Heartbreaking. My great-grandmother used to place 2-3 playing cards in her purse and tell us she was going for a walk…
    Absolutely beautifully done, Kelley!

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    1. Thank you so much! Once my grandmother’s husband took the car to drive around the corner to the store. The police called her 2 hours later because the car was on fire on the side of the interstate (he was fine and not in the car). It’s such a fragile situation and one that people don’t necessarily want to acknowledge, especially those going through it.

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      1. Holy moly!!! Thank goodness he was ok… She must have been worried sick.
        It is most difficult. My mother-in-law (whom I have inherited after the death of her son, my husband) has been placed in a home as she has started dementia. She is at the point where she occasionally “gives me shit for putting her there” – I did not. The hospital did. She is slowly losing sections but recognized me and my boys though we can see her slipping with each visit.

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  2. After days of getting my sister all set up in her new managed care apartment, my other sister arrived the next day to find her all packed up and ready to go home agaih. Yes. Heartbreaking.

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  3. You’ve written that beautifully, Kelley. You take us on an upward arc of hope, that her waiting for her beloved is coming to fruition, and then you gently show us that it’s all an illusion. You managed the tempo of the story really well.

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