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Six Words for Love

Looking back,
It’s always been you.

It seems only appropriate that I post something for the last daily prompt

Retrospective (interesting note, the actual link says “afterthought” not retrospective)





Letters from inside my head

23 thoughts on “Six Words for Love

      1. Don’t you hate that. I often find i get stuck deciding on a phrase or two, the impetuses of the whole piece, and I’m determined to keep them, only to eventually realize they don’t fit with what i ended up writing


      2. Maybe it’s because I’m the type of person who will sit at my desk daydreaming but I don’t necessarily mind if it takes hours. Then again I’ll also get up and walk away from something if it’s taking really long then come back later with a fresh perspective.


      1. It’s my pleasure! And I read your above comment. Isn’t it great when the words take their own route?


      2. It is! I’ve found it’s kind of a simple pleasure, I guess, in being able to let them go where they need to and end where they want to. Giving up control there is kind of freeing.


      3. I feel a similar way! I still consider myself new to writing, and the more I let the words have freedom, the more I start to see what my writing style may be. And usually it’s most enjoyable.


      4. I know I do! And I wonder the same about my writing. I believe writing is best when it’s honest–and talent helps too! Lol


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