Burn It All

In the absence of the daily prompts (moment of silence …) I just used a random word generator to come with a one word prompt to do my free write with. If you want to write on it also and leave a pingback/link feel free. If you want to generate your own word click here

Prompt: Nursery

Music: The Vietnam War Original Score (by Trent Reznor/Atticus Ross)

The old wood door rattles with protest as I pull it shut. My cheeks are raw from tears. My eyes are sore, if that’s even possible.

The men outside stare, various shades of ghostly pale cheeks and split lips seem to reach for words but find none.

We trek down the stairs with their peeling carpet and 70’s themed wallpaper. The air downstairs seems physically lighter, a beam of light that should pierce the top floor but can’t seem to penetrate it instead floods the entrance way.

Outside the perfect American family on their perfect Bermuda grass huddles together in tears.

The men say nothing but at least they’re breathing now. The air by the nursery was so thick, so full of that mystical otherworldly heaviness that none could settle it into their lungs.

“What do we do?” Only one man asks, the others step back, letting him take the lead.

That poor family. 

I grasp the cross at my neck.

“Let them come in. Tell them to relax. Tell them we’ll be back in an hours time then lock the doors on your way out and burn it all.”


16 responses to “Burn It All”

  1. nice writing and great way to get your own prompt


  2. The first word I got with the generator was “elephant.” 😕How rude.

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    1. I quite like elephants

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      1. Well, sure. But unless they rampage, killing humans, it’d be hard to write something dark abo…🤔…be right back!

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      2. Be sure to share the link


      3. Nah, I was just joshin’

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  3. I enjoy reading your shorts very much!

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  4. What a beautiful creation. Loved it

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    1. Thank you, I appreciate it!

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  5. Just wanted to say I have read several of your pieces and I am very much a fan:) Also thank you for the word generator link! I tried it earlier today to get me writing again (have been away for too long), and thankfully because I could use the practice lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! The word generator has been a lifesaver since they got rid of the prompts! There’s also several people offering daily prompts to keep the community feel going.

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