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It Sounds Like Blue

The violinist swayed like smoke. The small crowd followed suit as he laid a spell over them with his dance. The beat of the small drum set vibrated through the ground just enough for the man to keep time along.

He squinted as the bow struck and slid across the strings while the violinists’ fingers moved devilishly quick. The young girl beside him slid a crumpled piece of paper into the palm of his hand.

“It sounds like blue, light not dark, like watching storm clouds or flying towards the stars with wind in your hair. It feels like love.”

music-roomPHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Word Count: 100

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields as always for wrangling in Friday Fictioneers.


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25 thoughts on “It Sounds Like Blue

  1. This was like a puzzle to me, and i love puzzles! Nice observation and imagery: swayed like smoke; devilishly quick; sounds like light blue.

    I noticed you mentioned the drum’s vibration through the ground and a man keeping time. I wondered whether the “he”was the violinist or a spectator, because “the violinist” sounded awkward coming in the middle of the sentence asit did, if it were referring to the violinist himself.

    But when i saw your tags it started to become clear— tell me if i got it right–the man in the audience was deaf, possibly the girl as well, could be the whole audience. But no one signed, so it makes me think the man alone was deaf. Thank you for this braintwister!

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    1. I’m glad it was like a puzzle for you (and that you like puzzles!). Because we only have 100 words or less on this one I had a hard time when I first wrote it distinguishing between the two. I settled with just saying “the violinist” then leaving everything else to describe “the man”. The man is deaf but, at least in my mind, he is the only one. The girl I pictured being like a daughter or niece who can hear and described the sound for him.

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      1. A very thoughtful and emotive child. I hope he teaches her to sign, assuming he know how. Deaf culture, including their appreciation for music, is a precious and fascinating thing from what little i know of it.

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  2. This was absolutely beautiful, Kelley… lyrical and poetic and I love how colour was associated to the music.
    For some strange reason, I thought of “Mask” where Rocky explains colours by textures to a blind girl…

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    1. Thank you! I actually think that’s a really good comparison! It’s just something I’ve thought about, because colors and sounds are so embedded into our language and our observation of things how do you explain one of them to someone who has never seen or heard?


    1. Thank you for reading! Nooooo! I’ve never really tried writing a song but I’m pretty bad at making things rhyme. I can keep them within a rhythm but I’m not sure if that’s all it would take to write a song.


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