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Tracing ink intoned sketches
Raising bumps, pleasure seeker give aways,
Across our tender skin.
I can’t bring myself to release these words
I’ve held so long against my heart
And crumbling soul.
I can’t make my lips form the syllables
Of every line I know I’ve ever needed to say.
I’m rendered speechless in the way your eyes
Speak for me.
Reflections of your fingers sliding beneath my clothes,
Along strings of lies,
Pure ecstasy as you strip them away,
Letting your lips trace these matching shades of grey.
You don’t have to do much
I’m rendered helpless, drunk and depressed, slinking into your arms.
Your lips trace my neck and shoulders, your fingers slip every charade I own
Straight to the ground.
But I can’t stay with you tonight,
Though your lips travel over my body and your tongue drives me wild.
I grasp at your hair and the strands of reality I have left;
Desperately trying to hold on
To the moments when our breath moves as one.
I hope you’ll forgive me,
I just can’t stop slipping.
In and out of time I fall, here with you
Then into the darkness I’m recalled.
It must have been amazing,
I know it was just right,
Those moments with you, tracing intoned pictographs
Inked to your story, now permanently part of me.

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Letters from inside my head

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