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Love Song – What Pegman Saw

“Greetings from Montevideo!”

I write as neatly as I can across the postcard. I even think about slipping it into an envelope with a few pictures of my own.

A landscape shot here. Maybe the view from my office. It’s just the road but I find myself hoping you’re as curious about my life as I am about yours.

Maybe I’ll even slip in a photo of the twins. They’re six now but you never knew they were born.

I’ve never made it a habit to memorize the faces I make but I know I’m cringing.

Desperation, that’s what this smells like.

I turn the postcard over in my hands, even if I sent it completely anonymous … you’d know my writing from a mile away.

I’m sure it’d reek of wrinkled love poems and tear stained confessions.

It’d just become another love song you sing to another silly girl.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 6.50.34 PM

Word count: 149

Joining back in with What Pegman Saw this week. I haven’t participated in a couple of months I think. Rules are here and this weeks location is Montevideo, Uruguay



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13 thoughts on “Love Song – What Pegman Saw

  1. oh I feel the turbulence –
    felt like an entire chapter of story – but was 149 words – nice….
    and fav line:

    “Desperation, that’s what this smells like.”

  2. Oh, that’s lovely, Kelley! You capture her emotional state precisely, knowing that she’s being silly, knowing that she has no chance, and yet still hoping for a miracle.
    You’ve structured the story really well, moving from what feels like a friendly, cheerful state with “Greetings from Montevideo”. Then the doubts creep in “They’re six now but you never knew they were born.”
    At last you tell us how she has been spending her nights, “I’m sure it’d reek of wrinkled love poems and tear stained confessions.” And then your despairing last line…
    Beautifully written, Kelley. Kudos!
    With very best wishes

  3. I really enjoyed this, Kelley… Life and its challenges and how we deal with them and the regret and the wishful thinking… Such good stuff.

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