Everything That Ever Was – What Pegman Saw

There’s something to be said for being an empath in an abandoned city.

It seems everywhere I step is full of energy, an oddity considering no one’s lived here for decades. The air still hangs thick, even on the cool days, it’s electrified. A man once asked me exactly what I saw in this old city.

You see, it’s not the fear. It’s not the energy expelled in those last few precious moments that binds me here. I think there’s something else, something more that leaked beneath the surface that day.

It’s the memories. It’s everything that ever was and everything that never could be. It’s every smell and slight wind blown treasure which was lost that day.

The energy from those moments, those dreams, those regrets ooze from the blades of grass and dying leaves. They hang in the air, waiting to stir.

That’s the energy binding me here.


Word Count: 150

A write up for What Pegman Saw, rules here and this weeks location, Pripyat, Ukraine.

I did not take this picture from google earth per the rules. It’s from this article.

I may be a little odd. I would kill to visit this location (not literally kill, despite what I write I wouldn’t do that). The pictures coming out of Pripyat have been amazing, the aura that leaks through them is palpable. I’d be terrified the entire time I was there but I would go in a heartbeat.

17 responses to “Everything That Ever Was – What Pegman Saw”

  1. Oh the tales these desolate pics speak.. Loved your write up!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I love the pics that have been coming out of there over the last few years. There was a really nice article … it may have been in National Geographic … that mentioned how since the area’s been opened up to tourists you’ll see a lot of things that are set up to look more spooky than they really were. It’s really interesting.

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      1. Hey I just noticed the pic suits so well to one of my earlier posts.. Could I use this pic? 😊

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      2. Absolutely, it’s not mine. I got it from an article that I linked in the post.

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  2. Amazing take, Kelley! I really, REALLY enjoyed this.

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  3. Excellent story about the energy of memories and frustrated potential. A novel take on the prompt.
    And I agree with you about visiting Pripyat. It would be fascinating!

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    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s on my “want to go” list that’s a few miles long.

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  4. Kelley, I love this. I tried to think of a “better” way to record my thoughts on this… but there you have it. The second paragraph sparkles, the entire idea shines. Super piece.

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    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that

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  5. Kelley Kelley Kelley –
    This was masterful
    And I do not say it lightly –
    Each sentence complete and the then and now – you grabbed (fully) the abrupt end to life as they knew it!
    Bumper cars were chilling and will check the article link later !
    Side note – as the 47 yo nurse Melanie just passed away this week – some of the lines here helped me grieve – all that was and would never be –

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    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! I really appreciate it so much! I’m also glad some of the lines here helped give you the space to grieve. I think, especially when it’s still recent, it can be hard to find that. I’m glad some of the lines helped.

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      1. yes – and I am not too grief-stricken because she was only part of our life – from a distance – for the last 2 1/2 years. But we are close in age and have children the same age and we are women and she was was just cool (“her name was melanie and she was awesome”) and just the human connection thing –
        and it has also awakened something inside in a good way too ya know ?

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  6. Oh yes! Thoroughly enjoyed this Kelley! It captures perfectly the haunted sense I feel just looking at the photos.

    I’m with you, visiting in person would be amazing.

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