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Oh, Resolute – What Pegman Saw

“Welcome home.” My mom and dad grip me in one of those suffocating familial bear hugs. “Everyone has missed you.”

We trudge through the cold wind, even though it’s summer, with my bags hoisted on our backs.

The old man overseeing the general store waves, welcoming me home.

The twins, who could barely toddle when I left, run through my ankles giggling with their father hot on the trail.

My ex’s teen sister stares from their doorway.

Missing are the old man’s wife and my dad’s best man.

I swear my ex’s sister was practically glued to her best friend …

The same buildings, brimming with the same faces, stand squat against the skyline.

Impatiently I rap my mom’s shoulder, “I thought they were building here?”

“Oh.” With a wave she spreads gossip like butter on hot bread, “I can tell you what’s been new …”

But, oh Resolute, I remember you.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 8.10.39 PM

Word Count: 150

This has been a post for What Pegman Saw, rules here and this weeks location, Resolute NU Canada

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16 thoughts on “Oh, Resolute – What Pegman Saw

  1. Nothing like an itsy-bitsy town to know exactly who’s who and what’s what… no matter how long you’ve been away, coming home is like you never left!
    Well done, Kelley.

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  2. I loved that story – especially the metaphor “With a wave she spreads gossip like butter on hot bread” That captures so many of the aspects of gossip, especially the way it’s so enjoyable…
    I like the way you’ve structured the piece, too, with the brief, individual observations that give a real feeling of walking through the town, noticing this, then noticing that.
    Nice writing, Kelley!

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  3. Really good story. I agree with Penny – the way you gave us snapshots of the neighbours as we passed by works so well. Just enough info to intrigue us as to the bigger picture. So sums up small town life, everyone knowing everyone else’s business. Well done Kelley – a great read

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  4. This is gorgeous. It truly captures the sense of homecoming to a small town. Swooning at all your wonderful turns of phrase…’she spreads gossip like butter on hot bread’ especially.

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  5. So nostalgic – it reminds me of going home to my own hometown. So many things the same but never everything, never everyone. Love the line about spreading gossip like butter on hot bread, what a great saying!

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