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Life Is But The Moments

Life is but the moments we make in it.

At least that’s what Edna thought she remembered him saying now. Sixty years on she supposed exact verbiage no longer really mattered.

The plane rattled down the runway. Edna watched the early morning horizon slip by. These moments always reminded her of her mother’s silk scarf floating away on the wind. The way it twisted, trying to escape the inevitable hand of fate it was dealt, and the way her mother ran after it, crimson nails just barely missing the straggling threads.

Had she known then how some people were capable of so much more … had she understood the intricacies of human emotions, fits of rage and the abilities of people to do things outside the realm of “normal” … Like kill others or freeze moments …

Edna settled back into her seat. It took so much out of her now, she figured she only had a few more times in her.

A few more things to see, to record.

A few more moments to live, to love.

Instinctively she reached into the old leather messenger bag, relishing in the old smell of cigars and aftershave, and patted the worn inner pocket. Her notebook, a verifiable tome of time, was secure inside.

I know this doesn’t really make sense in it’s brief form but it was something that struck me and I wanted to share here. 


Letters from inside my head

10 thoughts on “Life Is But The Moments

  1. beautiful.
    This character has richness tucked inside and wonder where it (she) will take you – so let it flow.

    However, I did cringe a little to imagine the smell of the cigars – ha – but I am all for her memory – it was just that the writing led me right there to almost catching a whiff. ha – and it is not a smell I am fond of … but I am not Edna either – 🙂

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  2. PS
    I wanted to thank you so much for your awesome comment on that “news” story I had some criticism for – you were spot on in your feedback and you explained it so well.
    I watched the video that went with the text I read and it also made more sense after that.
    Thanks for sharing that and that makes more sense – 🙂

    oh and I deleted that post because I was not happy with the story part (felt a bit sophomoric with the poop part – and not a piece I was proud of…. and just did not want it on my blog –
    but once I deleted it – well I could not go back and access your comment (on the news story) and so I came here to reply – and THANKS again – and wishing you a good weekend

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    1. No problem on the news story comments! I read it and the part of my mind that does that 5 days a week took over. I couldn’t control myself. I’ve taken pieces down before too, or unpublished them for a bit so I could edit them some more. Have a good rest of the weekend (it’s almost over now!)

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      1. yes – your critique was superb and thanks again – and regarding my piece – we sometimes call too much poop talk to be “4th grade humor” and well – it was fun to rethink some aspects. For example – to some people a word is just a word – but to writers – we ponder if it should be poop, poo, or manure.

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