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Friday Fictioneers – Forgotten Dresses

Lanky and odd with gentle features, Johnny’s pa called him “sissy boy”. He served bloody noses and fat lips in hopes of toughening the boy up.

Johnny collected forgotten dresses from his older sister’s closet and hid them in the old shed. When he thought no one was peeking he slid their silken fabrics over his skin.

One night nosy Mary-Ann wouldn’t leave him alone.

He tried to escape his older sisters prying eyes but found himself cornered when she threw open the creaky shed door.

“You really should ask before borrowing clothes, that zipper is tricky, let me help.”

PHOTO PROMPT © Nathan Sowers grandson of our own Dawn M. Miller

Thank you to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers


Letters from inside my head

24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Forgotten Dresses

      1. ahhhh – the ol’ comfort zone familiarity – and maybe in a way that is what I was going for when I wrote my last two fiction entries about the street thieves – hm –
        truly hard to leave the comfort zone but so good for us when we do (or can be) and I like the tone of this piece

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  1. Everyone needs a sister like that – I love the way you show her understanding and kindness in a simple sentence, offering gentle advice about the zip. Unfortunately for Johnny, his father’s an ignorant bully. The fact that he beats Johnny shows his own weakness, not his son’s. A very well told story.

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