Four Feet Deep

Maybe that’s all there is.

Maybe one day you walk out of the office heading for nowhere and end up here. Eye to eye with everything that’s left of Bessie the desert cow you never knew you cared about.

Until now.

You waltzed out of the gas station, one brain cell on reality and the rest playfully baiting eternity, when three pairs of hands and a graying beard shove you into a rumbling cargo van.

Who knows really how long your face will remain plastered over crumbling brick walls and flashed ever sparingly across the bottom of nightly news screens.

Like Bessie it could already be long gone. A skeleton in some rattled detectives closet, only to be unearthed when ground is broken for that new shopping mall in ten years time.

For now you’re flung four feet deep with dirt and desert bugs collecting in the folds of your skirt. Broken blades of grass and decades old Bud Light cans settle into their rightful place nestled among your bruised arms.

Caressing your hair, chopped and dyed, the slow harness of time takes hold.

And you have no choice but to sit with Bessie, the eyes which see it all, and wait.


Image and write photo challenge via Sue Vincent

12 responses to “Four Feet Deep”

    1. Thank you! *I just saw a couple of your comments that had been blocked as spam!*

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      1. Oh. WP sometimes act weird. You are welcome


  1. Reblogged this on AreMyFeetOffTheGround and commented:
    This, so desolate, from Kelly Farrel.


  2. Hard hitting and excellently done, Kelley.

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  3. This hit me hard. It made me think about my life. Damn. 😦

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    1. Well, I do support the idea that nothing is guaranteed, not even another moment. It’s good to occasionally stop and ask yourself if you’re living or just existing


      1. Yes, I felt that a couple of times. It’s freeing, actually.

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  4. Excellent work, full of depth and meaning.

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate it

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