Pinterest Dreams


“Six … I count six broken dreams …”
“Oh my god Jerry! They’re just watering cans! I’m gonna put flowers in them.” Zan thrust a faded can into her boyfriend’s hands. “Saw it on pinterest; such a great way to spend a Saturday.”
Jerry looked down at their toddler son. Last time Zan ‘saw it on pinterest’ the family had to dress as zoo animals for pictures. 
“This is what you do for love kiddo.” He whispered.
“Oh look! Here’s a yellow one!” Zan clasped her hands and gasped. “It has a bluebird!”
“Seven … I count seven …”

Word Count: 99

Many thanks to
Rochelle for hosting weekly Friday Fictioneers. Visit her page for more info about the challenge. Want more fictioneers? Click the blue froggy below.

18 responses to “Pinterest Dreams”

  1. Beautiful little story this week! 🙂 ❤

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  2. if she’s determined, she can find more out there and not break the bank. 🙂

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  3. She sounds like a ‘can half full’ girl to me. So positive and how great to have a mother who gets dressed up as a zoo animal. Lovely story.

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      1. At least the boyfriend has the propensity to go along with her when she gets all creative on him. My guy would not ever dress like a zoo animal. Ever 🙂

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      2. Ha! I don’t think that any guy I’ve dated would have either. Maybe that should be my new benchmark for dating, “how willing would you be to dress as a zoo animal for picture day?”

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  4. Such a sweet story, Kelley!

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  5. What a sweet story! I can feel the love!

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