Add Coffee

It’s day three. I still have not had coffee. My husband, my loving, sweet, honorable husband has had beer. 

Of course.

“We’re in Germany!” So he had beer.

I poked at my half eaten fish and stared daggers through him. I told myself I wouldn’t sleep until I came up with the perfect revenge; until I could wipe that smug look away. He thought he found the perfect out.

He drank while watching the football game.

“It’s tradition! We’re supposed to!”

That was day two of our stupid pact.  

Oh, but today is day three. Today is MY day.

And there is nothing my sweet, loving husband hates more than history.

Lucky me, Frankfurt Cathedral offers a three hour tour, chock full of history and led by the most boring priest. 

“We have to go! The history! But I think I’ll have some coffee to stay awake.”

For What Pegman Saw. This weeks location is Frankfurt, Germany

Word Count: 147

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12 responses to “Add Coffee”

  1. Haha – never get between a women and her coffee (or her chocolate). Loved the tongue-in-cheek bitterness in this micro fiction.

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    1. Nevvaaaa! Thanks for reading


  2. Sounds like the pact between my mother and father. My mother was starting to gray and persistently colored her hair. My dad insisted on wearing a crew cut, though it was by then the mid-seventies and very much out of style. So they both agreed to quit–hair coloring and crew cuts. My mom had the most beautiful salt and pepper hair, gradually fading to white, and my dad revealed his natural blond and started sporting a red beard as well.
    Food is definitely a harder challenge, especially with things we love. Thatswhy Lent is only 40 days long, I think!😊

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    1. That sounds like a pact with a lovely ending. It definitely might be harder with food, especially if it’s something we’re a little addicted to *like coffee*. Thank you for sharing your story and thanks for reading!

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  3. This is rich! the carping, the agendas, and the antagonism really bring these two to life.

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed

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  4. I’d be loving that day in the cathedral – my idea of heaven, though the chaps in my life … not so much! Lovely story of married life and revenge! 🙂

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    1. I would to! I love seeing historical places, especially old churches. Thank you for reading

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