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An Ode to Black (Repost)

“Head like a hole. Black as your soul …”

I like the color black.

I wear it frequently.

All my dresses are black,

Except for that red one.

My shoes too,

Except that pair of brown boots

Or those dark blue ones.

When I was in high school,

I wore black eye make up

But I didn’t hang out with the goth kids.

The real depressed girl

Who actually listened to industrial

And not Marilyn Manson

Was too goth for them.

I like my coffee black,

With just a little bit of cream.

I like my rebels black

With their motorcycle screams.

I like my nails

About nine inches long

And now you have

To start at the beginning of the song.

Once again I’m reposting. This was originally published in … maybe about a year ago in 2018 I think and the WordPress prompt of the day was Black. I couldn’t help myself back then and I can’t help myself today. Tell me about your favorite music?


Letters from inside my head

5 thoughts on “An Ode to Black (Repost)

  1. “I wear black. Nothing but black…” That’s some old Ice Cube.

    Black is the best color or complete lack thereof. I predominately wear black. I like “black music,” Hop-Hop & Soul. I like a large variety of music, excluding country and really crappy pop music. All three little dogs curled up on my bed are mostly black. Looking around, I see a lot of black.

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    1. When I reposted this I had the urge to include several videos but I wasn’t sure the page could handle that. I like most music including hip-hop, soul, blues .. I’m not the biggest fan of country or pop but will listen to some of it, just depends I guess.


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