Small – What Pegman Saw

“Breathe deep and count to three. When you wake up we’ll be done …”

Jessie’s eyes snapped open. For a man of 38 his back possessed a myriad of problems, waking up on the street never seemed to help matters.

Though it was snowing when the van plucked him from the corner this area was somewhat warm. There was light but surveying the sky Jessie couldn’t find the Sun. As his feet began sliding he noticed the street was covered in a yellow shellac.

In fact, every surface carried slick pastel colors.

Jessie had never heard of this side of town.

He wasn’t sure the “new life” promised was worth the uneasiness settling in his stomach.


“Fiona? Dave? I haven’t seen you two in weeks!” Dave covered Jessie’s mouth and pointed up.

“All done.” The sky jerked upwards as a monstrous hand deposited a new resident with a small thud.

Word Count: 150

For What Pegman Saw. This weeks location is Portmeirion Village, Wales. When I first saw it I thought “dollhouse” or a lego build … something colorful and childlike. Then, being me …

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9 responses to “Small – What Pegman Saw”

  1. Now that is an interesting take on the story. I like the way your mind works, Kelley

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    1. Thank you! I appreciate it


  2. That’s a cool little story. It makes me think of Twilight Zone or, the obvious, Toy Story. We humans sure do love to anthropomorphize our things, don’t we?

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    1. Yes we do. My sister bought a damaged coffee pot once, it still worked just dented, but it was clearly marked as damaged. She was worried no one else would buy it and it would be alone. We’re strange.

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      1. That is too sweet, except the part where she purchased it, forced it to work for her, and daily heated it to uncomfortable temperatures. It’s no wonder it’s damaged. Poor coffee pot.

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  3. An interesting, and somewhat unsettling, take on the prompt. Well done.

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  4. You’ve written a very imaginative take on the prompt. And now I’m wondering about the feelings of the dolls I used to play with…

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