Like Michelangelo

Why couldn’t my parents be dream crushers? My proclamation of wanting to become a marble sculptor should have scared them.

Perhaps the pieces which are grand are worth it but starving artist isn’t just an expression, and who buys marble sculpture anymore?

Men who spend on everything and still afford sculptures of themselves. Naked.

“Make sure it’s a testament to my … manhood. Like Michelangelo.” The man, overweight and sweating, purs.

“Michelangelo was the …” Not worth it. “If you insist on staying you’ll have to be quiet. I’d hate for my chisel to slip and … reduce your manhood in anyway.”

Word Count: Exactly 99

Word: Chisel
For the flash fiction challenge at
Carrot Ranch
A new one for me!

5 responses to “Like Michelangelo”

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  2. Ah, painful profession and not at all like the Romantic era of marble sculpting in Italy. Thanks for joining us at Carrot Ranch!

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    1. Thanks for reading and the prompt!


  3. That’s one guaranteed way to silence a man.

    There was definitely a greater appreciation for art and artists in antiquity. It’s sad that creativity has given way to churning out cookie-cutter money-makers while actual artists starve.

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    1. It is sad. I don’t know that people realize how little a lot of artist, musicians, etc make.

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