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Grape Juuuice

“Uggghh.” Janey’s fingers left long claw marks in the hot sand around her.
As the sun beat down on her bare legs the scent of burning flesh tickled her nose.
“Ugghh … grape … juice …” In all of her five years she had never been so thirsty.

“Janey!” A mirage of her older sister appeared; just like the movies. “Mom said to sit up. You’re taking up too much room in the sandbox.”
Hana dropped a bottle of water into the sand beside her younger sister. Janey flopped onto her back, “Grape juuuice.”
“Beggars can’t be choosers, Janey.”

Word Count: 99
Word/Phrase: “Beggar’s can’t be choosers”
For Carrot Ranch and a reappearance of the sisters that appeared in this story


Letters from inside my head

8 thoughts on “Grape Juuuice

  1. I think you cut right before things got ugly. I’m imagining tears, screams, and flying sand.

    This reminds me, if you don’t mind me telling a story on your blog, of a story. My roommate got a big bottle of Newman’s Own Grape Juice from Costco. Somehow it got fermented. She tried to take it back, but they wouldn’t take it. It sat in her car for a week. She finally brought it in. She had it on the kitchen counter and somehow it exploded. It shot across the kitchen and through the dining room like a bottle rocket. It ricocheted off the ceiling and crashed into the wall. Grape Juuuice everywhere! It scared the shit out of her little dog. I came in right after, and the kitchen looked like a scene from Carrie with the blood dripping from the ceiling, but it was grape juice. I had to repaint places. This was about three years ago. Yesterday we moved furniture in the dining room and found old grape juice stains on the wall. Chaos.

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