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Old Things

Lydia hated the old things her father insisted on keeping.

“Who needs this stuff? Ancient teapots and spoons?”

Her father admonished the girls irreverence for the past.

“These belong to your ancestors; gifts from the Gods.”

“I don’t want them. Ever.” She shoved the old silver items away.

“The last person who disrespected the Gods met a terrible fate. These items are meant for you.”

Lydia rolled her eyes and glowered. She was much more in tune with the modern age.

She landed with a thud as her feet slipped from under her. “What was that?!”

“I told you.”

PHOTO PROMPT © Valerie J. Barrett

Word Count: 99
A try at Friday Fictioneers this week. Click the link to read more.


Letters from inside my head

14 thoughts on “Old Things

  1. The gods need to step out of the past. Have they even seen these new spoons and how they spoon stuff? Or how these irons can iron stuff? Or how new teapots can pot tea? Hmm… Maybe they don’t really have a reason to be so mad.


  2. Maybe she should take the gods shopping in a modern store. Or show them the internet. 😉 Very imaginative and original story.


  3. A coincidence or an act of god? May be Lydia was at the wrong place at the wrong time! But she should respect what her father is passing on to her as family heritage.


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