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That’s What She Said

“Why is it so big?”
“It’s a tribute to our robot overlords.”
Dan adjusted the stainless steel colander on his head. A walkie talkie clipped to his buckle emitted a stream of white noise.
“Well it is impressive in size.” Leslie marked the boxes along her checklist.
“That’s what she said.”
“Oh, oh please don’t.”
“No, that is what she said.” Dan pointed to clouds dotting the horizon. For a split second Leslie could see a glint of something more than vapor in the sky. The white noise shrieked, spewed unintelligible words then fell silent. “They’re happy with my tribute.”

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Word Count: 100
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27 thoughts on “That’s What She Said

  1. Hmm, I am also unclear as to what is happening here.
    I thought the colander and the white noise were protection against the robots but I am missing the significance of ‘That’s what she said’.


    1. Thank you! I can see where it’s a little disconnected. The white noise is interrupted by them speaking so not great protection for the guy. “That’s what she said” is in reference to the robot overlords speaking to him to approve of his tribute.


  2. That was good. That’s what she said. Maybe we need robot overlords. I imagine they’d be logical and rational. We don’t get much of that from our human overlords.


  3. We would think they’re illogical because they’re not human. Human logic dictates that anything different is wrong. They would still be more logical. Unless they were programmed to be illogical, which would be illogical. Oh shit… I think my brain just shut down.


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