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See No Evil

This is the worst part.

Alfred looked unsuspecting, like he wouldn’t know a fly if it flew right into his ear, and he preferred to keep it that way.

The waiting.

Cops buzzed around the square. The sunrise illuminated their badges and reflected off their holstered guns.

“What about that guy?” A particularly robust cop jerked his thumb towards Alfred.


“Him? Nah, he didn’t see anything.” Alfred’s boss leaned closer to the officer. “He’s slow.”

Alfred was grateful for the excuse. Tomorrow morning there would be enough cash hidden at the drop off point to cover him for months.

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Word Count: 100
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9 thoughts on “See No Evil

    1. Alfred was the mastermind.

      I haven’t. I’m pretty fidgety and it’s almost guaranteed that I won’t sit through a movie. My Netflix is helping me work through it

      1. Yeah, I can’t just watch things. I always have to have something else to do to distract me from wandering off or at least getting bored. “Come on, phone. Let’s watch a movie.”

        It’s good. It’s a heist movie. Edward Norton poses as mentally challenged janitor to get a job in a building, so they can attempt a heist. I’m sure you can see how my mind went there.

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