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On the Sustainable Side of Things

Earlier this year when I was working on my thesis topic I had some people say they would be interested in hearing the results.

My thesis topic was exploring the investment of corporations (firms) in clean energy and whether or not increased investment from them could push public policy. As we know lobbyist are big part of the US government (and other governments throughout the world). They operate on behalf of corporations, NGO’s and other groups which want representation at the government level, and are responsible for influencing law makers in the corporations interest.

What I found in my research was that corporations are already investing, sometimes heavily, in clean energy yet they aren’t putting these things in front of law makers and pushing public policy for clean energy.

Why? Honestly, clean energy benefits them but traditional energy still benefits them more.

What can we do about it? The best method, I believe, is divestment but this can be tricky as many corporations walk the line between being fully involved in clean energy but not fully showing support at a government policy level. However divestment, especially when combined with a larger social movement, has seen success.

Consumers could also bring more awareness to their spending habits and make a point to move spending away from corporations that either don’t invest in clean energy or those which do but don’t back public policy for it. These cases are really more successful when a large boycotting movement is taken up. While the actual boycott doesn’t usually fully accomplish the goal, because it’s a massive undertaking, it does bring awareness and help put public pressure on the corporations.

None of these are new ideas but, in the US especially, the general public lacks economic and government education. This makes it easy to mislead and over look sometimes simple solutions.


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8 thoughts on “On the Sustainable Side of Things

  1. That’s a notable paradox how corporations invest in clean energy and yet seem to want to keep it a secret. The best I can guess is that there’s a battle within corporate boardrooms between the old guard and the next generation.


    1. I think that’s partly it. A lot of them aren’t necessarily secretive about it but because they’re not standing up and saying “we use clean energy, we support this” people tend not to realize it. Check out the EPA’s green power partner list, even Walmart is on it.


  2. Good point about how the public is uneducated in these matters – and they same goes for personal health- it seems the powers to be want a dumbed down society and it easy to mislead that way…
    And congrats on your thesis and hard work! Woo hoo


    1. I just found this locked away in my spam comments! I do agree that many are completely uneducated in personal health. One of the places I see it is in the food we eat which could also be traced back to corporate greed I suppose.

      Thank you!


      1. thanks for finding my comment – and now I know why a few of my other comments on blogs did not show up – so many of us do not check spam –
        and glad you did –
        wishing you a good day K


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